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Amor, por Osho.

Love might look a lot like aloneness as you get close to it. The closer you come to the mirror, the more you discover that even in intimacy and togetherness, there is only meditation. Though illusions don’t go lightly, the journey to realness is well worth it. Celebrate the whole of this life.

“If person is conscious, then many things become impossible. In the first place, falling in love itself becomes impossible. You start rising in love, not falling in love; the very quality of your love becomes totally different. It is no longer a relationship, it is more a state of your being. You are full of love, you share your love, but there is no demand on your part. It is no longer a business, it is no longer conditional, it asks nothing. It is simply thankful that somebody accepted, that somebody did not reject your love. You feel grateful. It is not a bondage for the other, it does not enslave the other. It is not possessive; it is absolutely nonpossessive, unconditional, undemanding. It gives freedom. And when love gives freedom, lovers start soaring high, they start moving towards godliness. Love becomes a door to the divine.”

Osho, excerpted from The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 11. 

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  • xnd144 on 20 nov 2007

    tá acontecendo um sincronismo absurdo que eu não consigo explicar…

  • werllen on 20 nov 2007

    tenta explicar… hehehe

  • chiconauta on 21 nov 2007

    será que tão utópico assim?


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